Our surf lessons for you in Langre, Spain, with top surf coaches

Depending on your surfing ability, we offer beginner, intermediate and advanced surf courses to accommodate everyone’s level. On the first day, we can assess your surf skills and place you in the appropriate course level that best suits your needs.
We provide a safe, fun and professional learning environment, helping ensure you’ll receive the best possible coaching available. We use proven progression plans and teaching methodologies, which we’ve tried and tested, year in, year out!
All our instructors are licensed surf coaches. The team has years of experience in surfing and teaching. There are several institutions that offer surf instructor training. We only accept certificates from DWV (German Surfing Federation), ISA, FES, or BSA, to ensure the highest standards-helping you progress quickly and safely.
Once you’ve got the surfing bug and have got a taste for more, your week courses can be optionally extended by another week. The course lasts 5 days

Tutoring & Guided Tour

Private lessons and guided tours can be arranged on request. We’ll gladly tailor an individual program to suit your requests and optimise your surfing progression.

Surf courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced

In der Anfängerschulung wird Euch in 3-4 h Praxis pro Tag alles Wissenswerte über Wellenreiten beigebracht. Ergänzt wird der Praxisteil durch Theorieeinheiten von jeweils ca. 30 Min. bis maximal einer Stunde und einer Videoschulung mit Fehleranalyse.

Kursziel: Take Off und Grünwellenstart.

Wer bereits einen Anfängerkurs absolviert hat, sich aber noch nicht zu den Fortgeschrittenen zählt, kann in den Intermediate Kursen optimal an bereits Erlerntes anknüpfen. Die Intermediatekurse setzen individuell dort an, wo Ihr aufgehört habt, und frischen Euer Wissen auf. Vertiefende Themen in Theorie und Praxis bringen Euch auf Eurem Weg zum eigenständigen und unabhängigen Surfer weiter.

Kursziel: Das Abreiten grüner Wellen und erste Turn

Teilnahmevoraussetzungen sind sicheres Verhalten in schulterhohen Wellen, ein sicherer Takeoff und Kenntnis der Vorfahrtsregeln im Lineup. Im Vordergrund stehen das Erlernen und Verbessern von Manövern. Early Morning und Sunset Sessions runden unsere Fortgeschrittenenkurse ab. Weitere Kursziele werden gemeinsam zu Beginn des Kurses individuell definiert.


The material is provided for the course duration. You’ll be supplied with the correct surfboard to suit your level and a wetsuit. For the beginner lessons, we offer professional training softboards, which are designed to get you up and surfing in a safe manner. For the intermediate and advanced courses, we have boards from Bic, Full & Cas and other manufacturers for you to try out.
For the beginner levels, for your own safety, the material can’t be used outside of the scheduled course times. Once you’ve completed your 1 week course, we can negotiate the use of a surfboard for your free-surfing in the second week of courses.
In the intermediate and advanced courses, the material is always negotiable outside the course hours. There is also a Board Test Pool, where boards of other sizes and shapes can be tested through out you stay with us at Liquid Surf.