Throughout the region you will find restaurants with culinary highlights

You can find in Somo and Loredo. Top nightlife in Santander

The nearest supermarket is in Galizano.

You can find it in Somo or in Santander

The legendary skate park from our videos can be found in Loredo. There is another one in Somo.

There are well-equipped surf shops in Somo. Regional shapers: Full & Cas and Kuntiqi

The Region

The area surrounding Santander – Cantabria, a jewel on the northern Spanish coast – has countless sights and attractions beyond surfing.

Cantabria extends from the Bay of Biscay to the Picos de Europa, a mountain range with peaks of more than 2000 meters. It will be next to the surfing the most diverse, sporting activities, such. Rafting, Gotcha, motorcross, mountain biking, hiking, diving, kiting, and windsurfing. If you want to experience something completely different, you can experience beautiful national parks with still-living bears.

Culturally, the bear is also here. There are caves, animal parks, medieval villages such as Santillana del Mar and the student town of Comillas, where there is a Gaudi house. A highlight is the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao – this is a day trip.